Rochester Web DesignRochester Web Design from Time for Web is the art and process of creating a single Web page or entire Web Sites and may involve both the aesthetics and the mechanics of a Web site’s operation although primarily it focuses on the look and feel of the Web Site. Some of the aspects that may be included in Web design or Web production are graphics and animation creation, color selection, font selection, navigation design, content creation, HTML/XML authoring, JavaScript programming, and ecommerce development. Web design is a form of electronic publishing.

We are an individually owned business located in Rochester, New York.

We are a  Full Web Supplier. We can provide everything from basic Web Page design, to complete Web Site Hosting. Our specialty is working with the small to medium size business.

What Affects Web Design Pricing?

We strive to provide our customers a fair and reasonable web design pricing. To arrive at a realistic estimate of what we would charge to create your site (or modify your existing site), we would need to discuss the following with you:

Functionality – what practical business function(s) you expect your website to play, whether that includes “merely” advertising, or educating your clients, etc. Some functions require much more development time (and money) than others, so these must be weighed against your available budget.

Web Site Design – what style and tone will best represent your business or organization? The answer to this question plays a key role in determining what it will take to project the right “look and feel” to your visitors. Strictly business? Stylish and artistic? Simple and elegant? Visually arresting?

Available Content – what do you already have in the way of advertising text and/or graphics that can be effectively used (or reused) in a web-based format? Logos, photos, and other graphics that are already on hand can go far in keeping price for our web design down. However, we gladly do graphic work and copywriting for the additional fee.

Our Affordable Web Design pricing starts at under $300 for a basic starter web site. Custom shopping cart design pricing starts at $500. All web sites are optimized for search engine visibility. For a no obligation cost estimate on a new web site or redesign for a current web site contact us. Time for Web offers honest answers to your web design pricing questions. You have nothing to lose and perhaps a lot to gain by saving money on quality, custom web site design services.

Estimate of Cost for Web Design and Development The web design pricing below reflects a broad estimate of the cost to fully develop a web site based on a specific number of web pages. Web design prices will vary, depending on your exact needs. Contact Time For Web for a detailed price estimate on a custom designed web site for your business or organization. Database integration and shopping cart development are not included in the approximate prices below.

Number of Web Pages Web Design Price Estimate 3 pages $300 or less 4 pages $400 or less 5 – 6 pages $600 or less 7 – 8 pages $800 or less 9 – 10 + pages $700 and Up Included in any web site design price quote are all of the components necessary to make your site look good, function properly and be optimized for search engine visibility. There are NO setup fees, NO annual fees, NO hidden charges, and NO per item charges or per item limits for web design services. Continued support and consultations regarding your web site are FREE. NO charge to evaluate your current web site and provide recommendations for design changes. Our quotes for custom web design are based on your needs, not on a prepackaged web site that may not fit your business plans for a web site. The exact cost for a custom web site will vary with each client, depending upon your individual needs and the look you want. Your custom web design cost estimate is based on the size and function of your web site. Time for Web will work with you to keep the price within your budget and while still providing a professional web site that projects the image you want. Consultations and estimates are always FREE and you are under NO obligation.

Custom Shopping Cart System Pricing Prices for custom shopping cart development depend on the number of products and the type of shopping cart you need. All shopping cart systems are custom developed for your online business. Database driven shopping cart prices start as low as $500 and an entire ecommerce site can be developed in many cases for $1,000 to $2,000 dollars. The cost of other types of database integration will depend on the size of the database and the intended function within the web site. Contact Time For Web for a no obligation estimate.