The Return of Web Images of Rochester

For many years the main thrust of (originally Web Images of Rochester) was as a website for web design with WordPress. We still offer those services however the main thrust of this site  has changed. We will now  concentrate on many of the things that still make Rochester a special and unique place to live. Everyone should be very proud of the area that we live in of Rochester, New York.

Going Forward

Already there are a number of different pages with original content as well as many links to various other Rochester related sites. In addition to what you see here now we will be adding lots of new content. We are hoping that anyone who has ideas as to things they would like to see will come forward and let us know. This can only be a true community site *when* the community contributes! So welcome back to the original and soon to be very new Web Images of Rochester.

Currently on Web Images of Rochester

For now you can follow the navigation menu at the top underneath the Around Rochester Tab. Also check below here for some direct links.

    • The ROC the Riverway Page Has a lot of information, videos, and links for a large Genesee River Waterfront transformation project currently underway.

    • The Rochester Web Cams Page Has many different links to Rochester Area Web Cams. There are many from WeatherBug that are either Weather Related or Traffic Related. Many others from various other sources as well.

    • The Rochester Videos Page has quite a few different YouTube videos on different subjects mostly covering some of Rochester’s history.

    • The Rochester People, Places, and Things Page has a listing of many people who had some type of tie with Rochester. There are also some places and things unique to the area as well. There is some type of summary information under each. Most of them have links within the titles for more information in Wikipedia and other sources.

    • The Rochester Trivia Page is just a fun listing of some facts about the area as well as the original “You Know You’re From Rochester, NY When….” section.

    • The Rochester Area Sites Page has some categorized links to many of the sites in the Rochester Area.

    • The Rochester Pictures Page links to various photos of the area.

    • The Rochester Timeline Page lists some various major events that have happened over the History of Rochester, NY

    • Visit our Rochester Site News Page for info regarding what’s new.

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